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Our selection of luxe beauty products is curated enough that you’ll never feel overwhelmed, while also featuring a broad range of items across every product type. Kroz exclusive lens make the perfect gift

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Our journey began in 2016

Kroz started its journey from Korea , it grew its base to new horizon in United Kingdom selling both online and offline, We continue to bring improvement in our business style to meet costumers expectation.

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Our Product is made from three layer sandwich technology that makes it oxygen tolerant this would go easy on your eyes.

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Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are a popular choice for those with more sensitive eyes as they allow more oxygen to pass through the material than standard hydrogel material. They also have a higher oxygen transmission which means that eyes will stay fresh and healthy throughout the day. The material keeps your eyes hydrated so that they don’t get dry as easily.

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Extended wear contact lenses are made out of silicone hydrogel - a material that combines the water-absorbing plastic of soft lenses with silicone. Adding silicone to the hydrogel plastic creates a lens that stays moist and allows more oxygen to transmit through the contact lens into the eye.
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